Posted by visitors, A Christmas feelings to me is:
Posted by: makkie, 24 Nov 2009
My Christmas feeling will be the same as every year, family gathering seeing happy faces and having good times, sharing small gifts and good dinners. This year we will be having dinner at the Thai-restaurant and already looking forward to it :)
Posted by: Linda, 17 Dec 2008
Christmas is a joyous occasion with the silver decorated Christmas tree topped with a gold star. The children are gathered around the living room talking and laughing with glances at their newly opened gifts. Mixed nuts of pecans, acorns and walnuts graced the kitchen counter. Christmas poinsettas are placed on the credenza, three in all, decorating the apartment. The christmas tree is presently unlit experiencing an unlit bulb that caused the other lights to go out. Although the tree is unlit, it is still beautiful and the absence of the lights brings out the glitter and silvery decorations. I am presently lying on a mattress in the boys' room writing in my "vintage" journal given to me by one of my daughters. I am writing about the Christmas season because it is the happiest part of the year. I pray that joy and peace follow the families throughout the year. I pray that this Christmas is the start of a new and beautiful beginning for prosperity and health through days in and days out. I pray for the beginning of a celebration of happiness and continued contentment. I pray that the many Christmas days to come are as merry as today. I pray that matters of importance is handled and dealt with appropriately. I pray for self control and for a calm spirit so that mediocre circumstances are not escalated to situations of unnecessary proportions. I pray that the heart of my loved ones are filled with thoughts of love and happiness. This prayer at Christmas time may be or seem shallow when some families are without food or a home. So I extend a prayer of hope and help for those families. I pray for their happiness and health as they struggle to get through one more day. I pray that careers are rekindled for the co-workers as well as myself as I pray from the pages of this journal received on Christmas Day. I pray that a huge difference in people's circumstances emit to promote their lives in a positive way. I pray that I a m self- controlled to extend "niceness" with speech and deeds to those within my life. In Jesus Christ, I pray for an uplifting spirit of salvation to show me the right path to a joyous life and many more happy Christmases. In Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen.
Posted by: Ron Fisher, 15 Dec 2008
To me Christmas is about the family and friends celebrating the birth of JESUS CHRIST our 1 and only savior who was born on the Christmas Day !!!!
Posted by: April, 15 Dec 2008
Baking=Christmas to me. It brings thoughts of my Grandmother and her magic touch in the kitchen. I'm proud to share the tradition.
Posted by: PetafromOz, 28 Nov 2008
Christmas this year (we are hoping) will be for David and me to be sitting on our very own verandah, looking out at the water, drinking wine and eating BBQ lobster!!!!!!!! Yay!!!
Posted by: makkie, 28 Nov 2008
Christmas to me is, being together with family or friends and creating a good atmosphere and sharing small gifts just as gesture. And and and of course a nice dinner and eating our belly round :)
Posted by: LadyKenai, 10 Nov 2008
Well i think that Christmas is a time for giving and being thankful for all your relatives and friends, and reflecting on the past year and how we could make it better, also big dinners and lots of decorations :)