Entities, Orbs, Paranormal, Anomalies, Spirits, Auras, Ufos, Ghosts etc...

What is an orb: Everyone who has seen an orb on their pictures probably has a different definition of what an orb is. We believe an orb is a tiny energy ball of something that may have lived in the past, some kind of energy.

What are anomalies: We believe any paranormal thing we cannot define, such as ectoplasms.

What is an aura: A distinctive but intangible quality that seems to surround a person or thing. An invisible breath, emanation, or radiation. An aura is the biomagnetic sheath around ones body. "an air of mystery". Our aura can give off how we feel, its the biomagnetic rhythm of our spiritual and mental body.

What is a spirit / ghost: A spirit is what we believe is what is left of a person or an animal after is passes on to the next world.

What is an ufo: Unidentified flying object, which can be basicly be anything not just the little green men from Mars as lots of people think.

What is your opinion: What do you think of these theories above, can you find yourself within these or do you have your own ?. Maybe you even have pictures about what you have to say and you like to share them on wedazzleyou. We are interested in everyone's experience with these issue's above, send us your story click on the 'Contact' link. Send your photo's to photo@wedazzleyou.com.

What we want to know: Since we cannot see orbs with our naked eye we wonder what makes it visible to the camera ?. Is it the flash, the certain light the flash creates and can we make it constant and use a video camera hooked up to this certain light and scan the area in realtime while watching picture on a television.

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Date: 13 February 2009
Post by: makkie